Courtney Cohen, founding Principal of Elysienne, is driven by her passion for all things beautiful. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she was educated at USC and UCLA, where she studied interior architecture and design. In addition to her education, Courtney’s extensive travels have greatly influenced her design aesthetic, which she describes as elegant, eclectic, sophisticated, and crisp. Prior to founding Elysienne, she developed a deep foundation in interior design through extensive work experience in many aspects of the industry, including home-staging for several of Los Angeles’ top real estate professionals, property development, renovation, and project management. She prides herself—and her company—on the ability to truly listen to clients and work with them as partners in the creation of their dream homes. “We spend a lot of time with our clients,” she says. “In a way, designing a project is a therapeutic process for them. Through design, our clients express their emotions and internal worlds.” Under Courtney’s leadership, Elysienne respects, nurtures, and facilitates that process.