Our most requested service is interior design, which covers conception to realization of a new interior. We begin with a design presentation, which is a carefully curated and thoughtful selection of inspirational images, materials, textiles, rugs, furniture, decorative details and art. From there, we have further discussions to refine all aspects of the design. Once the design and specifics have been finalized, we proceed to handle every step of the design process in-house to minimize disruption to the client. We source and order materials and we accept, inspect and store all deliveries. We also handle all freight, returns, and exchanges. As explained above, we then schedule all installation for one day. At that time we style the property with decorative accessories, and we make it easy for clients to weigh in at that stage of design because we bring them their own, customized “boutique” of sorts, a large selection of accessories that allows them to choose their favorites and exchange any items we’ve suggested that they would like to substitute.